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Aftercare Immersion Program (AIP) Policies, Procedures & Guidelines
*Please print, read, & sign (return only signature page to Spanishtime Office)

Welcome to your Spanishtime® AIP learning experience!


            Spanishtime® is a Scottsdale based education company. We’ve been providing interactive Spanish language classes for all ages throughout the valley for almost 20 years and we are very excited to be teaching your student!


            The Spanishtime® aftercareprogram is a hands-on, activity based learning opportunity focused on providing a safe and fun environment for your child after school while enhancing your child's Spanish conversation.  The primary goal of our aftercare program is to offer a safe and educational environment that is fun-filled for your student!



            Our program is designed to work with varying ages and levels of Spanish. While we understand that all students learn at different levels based on their age and in our case their Spanish background/experience, our aftercare activities are modified to be age and level appropriate. The important part is to use the language and practice! The children can even make up their own games and activities too. Above all. . .WE AIM TO HAVE FUN!!


             Here at Spanishtime®, we always strive to give you top quality! Therefore, we are continually upgrading our program to include the most up-to-date information and teaching methods. Contact us anytime. We want to know what works for you!


Your Partner in Education. . .Team Spanishtime®

Description of Program

           Spanishtime’s Aftercare Immersion Program (AIP) is a Spanish Immersion Program for Kindergarten through 8th grade attending school at Biltmore Preparatory Academy. Your student will participate in a fun and safe environment on school days from school release time until 6pm. We will provide hands-on activities such as music, arts and crafts, outdoor play, safe indoor movement & sports activities, board games, puzzles,  and *assisted homework time. We will also have a snack time (you provide snack) and on all early release days, we will have a more structured Spanish class from 1:10-3pm.

The main academic goal of Spanishtime’s AIP Program is to expose your student to more conversational Spanish, both listening and speaking in a fun, interactive environment that allows them to practice and learn without the stress of a structured class.

*Assisted homework time is for all students. Individual private tutoring is available for an additional cost, if excessive time or an advanced level is needed. Contact the Spanishtime® Office directly; based on availability)

Participation Requirements: to participate in Spanishtime’s AIP program, students must be:
  1. Enrolled in Biltmore Preparatory Academy K-8.
  2. Able to follow our code of conduct, program rules & expectations, and health & safety guidelines.
  3. Able to follow instructions and  treat students of all ages and AIP staff with respect and kindness.
  4. Able to manage personal hygiene without direct assistance from AIP staff.
  1. All students must be enrolled with ALL paperwork provided to Spanishtime’s main office PRIOR to attending any AIP program. (normal processing time is one week)
  2. Registration will be done online at
  3. Upon submitting online registration, you will receive a confirmation email including website links for additional paperwork needed.
  4. Registration is not complete until payment and ALL paperwork is received.
Tuition Payments:
  1. Your non-refundable registration fee holds your spot. Auto-pay is the only form of payment for tuition. You must call us to setup auto-pay manually as our system does not capture your cc information. Auto-pays are processed on the 20th of each month for the next month's tuition. Payments begin July 20th. (For example: pay July 20th for August tuition).
  2. Auto-pays that are declined must be resolved within 5 days, or there will be a $25.00 late fee assessed to the account.
  3. Accounts that are not current by the 1st day of aftercare for that month will result in the student being dropped from the program.
  4. Late pickup is $2/minute for kids picked up after 6pm. (your card on file will be charged automatically)
  5. Dis-enrolling must be done 30 days in advance. No pro-rations are given when cancelling. Cancellation must be done 30 days prior to the month dropping via email to Otherwise, full payment will be charged for that month. No exceptions. (For example, to dis-enroll for the month of December or any day in December, you must notify us in writing by November 1st.)
  6. Tuition is pre-paid. There are no refunds, no exceptions. Tuition is not pro-rated when school is closed. There is no aftercare when school is closed. We do not refund/prorate absences due to school closures, illness, vacation, unforeseen circumstances, or suspension.
  7. All early release days are included in your tuition. Fall, winter and spring breaks are not included, however you can sign up for any camps we may provide.
  8. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide Spanishtime's Home Office with all documents and that  my child will not be allowed to attend the AIP Program until all paperwork is complete! (links provided in confirmation email).
  9.  Please allow up to two weeks to process all paperwork. Thank you
                Documents: (one form per student & returning students must fill out new forms)
                    1. signed policies agreement page
                    2. current immunizations for my child
                    3. emergency form with pickup authorization
                    4. payment (reg fee & 1st month)

Health & Safety:
  1. Your child’s safety is our first concern! We reserve the right to alter any activity when the safety of the students is a concern.
  2. If your child is sick (fever 100+, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, colored runny nose, etc.), you will be called and expected to pick them up immediately. Parents of sick children left for more than one hour will be given a violation notice.
  3. Children must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to attending the program. This includes fever (when not given medicine), nausea, vomiting, unexplained rash, continuous cough,     diarrhea, or colored runny nose, etc.
  4. NO MEDICATION AT ALL will be dispensed to a child by AIP staff OR allowed in the AIP program.
  5. In case of an emergency as determined by AIP staff, the paramedics will be called and the parent will be notified immediately. Parents will be responsible for all costs incurred in such emergencies.
  6. When necessary, AIP staff will provide a change of clothing to a student if appropriate clothing is available. If a student is unable to care for themselves appropriately, the parent or guardian will be contacted to take the student home. Help from a sibling while allowed, is not considered  appropriate care for a student and the parent will be contacted.
  7. Minor accidents (ie: cuts, scrapes) may be treated by AIP staff using soap, water, bandages  and ice packs. Otherwise, a parent will be contacted.
  8. Healthy snacks must be provided by the parent, along with a refillable water bottle (labeled with child’s name).
  9. Student’s will not be permitted to share food unless siblings. (in case of allergies)
  10. Please pack healthy fruits, trail mix, crackers, etc. that will help sustain your child until 6pm.
  11. Absolutely no sodas, coffee drinks, ice-cream, candy, etc. will be allowed.
  12. If any participants are found to have extreme allergies/reactions (epi-pen/hospitalization) to peanut products, we reserve the right to make it a peanut free environment.
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
  1. You must keep enrollment records current as to all phone numbers (home, work, & cell), home address, place of employment; phone numbers for emergency contacts, as well as changes to people authorized to take your child(ren) off school premises. Spanishtime keeps separate records from the school, so both offices need to be notified.
  2. You must provide any updates to your records in writing to the Spanishtime main office. Do not submit any paperwork to the AIP staff onsite.
  3. Any changes to the people authorized to pick up your child must be done in advance or your child may not be released if the onsite staff do not have updated paperwork.
  4. It is your responsibility to notify the Spanishtime main office in writing (email is okay) PRIOR TO 12PM if your child will not be not be attending the AIP program that day. Failure to do so will result in a $15 Emergency Child Locator Fee. Notification from a classroom teacher, friend, or sibling is not accepted.
  5. It is your responsibility to notify the Spanishtime main office in writing (email is okay) if your child's schedule changes and they will be arriving late to Spanishtime AIP. This includes any after school tutoring, classes or otherwise arriving late.
  6. For your child's safety, we reserve the right to take your registered child to the Spanishtime AIP Program until we are able to get a verbal authorization that your child is to be attending a separate after school activity if we have not be properly notified.
  7. You (or authorized person) must sign your child out every day. Children will NOT be released to older siblings (unless over 18 yrs old and written as authorized to pick up your child). Failure to comply will result in a violation notice and ultimately removal from AIP program.
  1. Annual Registration Fee – non-refundable & non-transferable, $119/student
  2. Late Payment Fee - $25
  3. Late Pick Up Fee - $2/minute
  4. Emergency Child Locator Fee - $15
  5. Returned Check Fee - $25 (for annual pre-pays with check)
  6. Missing Signature/Time on Sign In/Out Sheet - $1/occurrence
Rules & Expectations: Developed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
  1. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion from the AIP program.
  2. It is not possible to list all rules & expectations. We have a wide range of ages to our program and therefore ask you to remind your child that common sense, respect and making good choices should be the baseline of their behavior always.
  3. No physical contact is allowed
  • No hitting, pushing, kicking, biting, fighting of any sort, wrestling, sitting on, etc. will be tolerated.No karate, horsing around, or hanging on staff or students will be allowed.
  • Physical contact of this nature is dangerous and will result in immediate suspension and possibly expulsion.
  • Participants must listen and follow all directions from AIP staff, guests, and volunteers.
  • Only children enrolled in the AIP program will be allowed to stay. No visiting friends or relatives will be allowed to attend the program.
  • Children must stay in the designated AIP area. No one is allowed to wander off unless given permission from an AIP staff member. A bathroom pass must be obtained.
  • Children who have permission to go somewhere on campus must have an AIP pass and a buddy. We use the buddy system whenever walking around campus without an AIP staff member.
  • No profanities or otherwise strong language will be allowed. Remember that we have 5 years old up to 13. Tell your child to be aware that what’s allowed at home may not be appropriate in the AIP program setting.
Parent Signature: Parent must sign & return this page to complete registration.

I Have read and understand all of the AIP Program Policies, Procedures & Guidelines.

Print Student Name: _______________________________________________________________

Print Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________________________

Signature Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________       Date: _______________
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